I froze mid-coffee refill and stared at my phone. “OHMYGOD!!!  Yessss!!! I shouted at the empty kitchen. My dream had just become a reality. I was going to Egypt to photograph an amazing group of women for TWO WEEKS. And, we were going to be on a boat on the freaking NILE!

We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of effort is the same.


It had been a rough few months. My husband of over 20 years and I had divorced and I was left in financial and emotional shambles. My focus had been on my two children, who needed me more than ever to make them feel safe and help them adjust to our new normal. My self esteem at rock bottom, I wondered if I should just give up on my photography business and get a “real job.” After mindlessly checking Facebook for the fortywhateverith time, I saw the post that would change everything.

Elizabeth Purvis, manifesting goddess and one of my favorite clients (and favorite people for that matter) posted that she was hosting a 2 week transformational workshop for women in Egypt. Normally, I would see a post like that and think, “wow, that would be so cool, I could never afford it, but it would be cool.  Someday…” But something in me sparked. I NEEDED to be there.  I HAD to be there. Egypt was calling.

So, I texted her with a wild idea. “Hey girl, you need your photographer in Egypt.” I didn’t expect a yes, but I hoped. I realized that the worst thing that could happen was that she would say no. Instead, she texted back, “Yes! Call me on Monday.” Holy shit.

If you don’t ask, the answer is no.

I could have decided that she would never say yes. That it was too much for little old me to ask. I could have given into the fear that I wasn’t good enough to pull it off and shouldn’t even try. For once I was able to quiet the voice of self-doubt and just go for it. That one ask has lead to many others – some yes answers and some no, but I am no longer afraid to ask for what I want.

The trip to Egypt with Elizabeth and the other incredible women was more than I could ever hope for. Not only did I fulfill a dream of doing personal brand shoots on the other side of the world, I’ve made friends for life and wept with joy and gratitude on multiple occasions experiencing the magic of the place and the people.  

What are you not asking for in your life? What have you convinced yourself of that you don’t deserve so it’s not worth the ask? Know what you want, quiet the voice, choose the right moment, and ask.

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